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Daily Paper Reading【論文輪読会】

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Schedule – Spring 2019

Daily (40 minutes): Mon/Fri 16:20-17:00 , Tue/Wed/Thu 12:10-12:50
(毎日40分: 月・金は16:20-17:00、火・水・木は12:10-12:50)
Mon/Thu : Video Watching, Tue/Wed/Fri : Paper Reading



Date 曜日 Reader Advisor Lang Paper title Notes
2019/10/9 佐藤(志) 清野 JP
2019/10/8 加藤 鈴木m JP
2019/10/7 小林g 横井 EN/JP
2019/10/4 Keshav 代勤 EN


Date 曜日 Reader Advisor Lang Paper title Notes
2019/10/3 Diana EN


Date 曜日 Reader Advisor Lang Paper title Notes
2019/10/2 今野 JP Translate and Label! An Encoder-Decoder Approach for Cross-lingual Semantic Role Labeling EMNLP2019
2019/9/25 Paul JP A Streamlined Method for Sourcing Discourse-level Argumentation Annotations from the Crowd NAACL2019
2019/9/24 内藤 JP Designing and Interpreting Probes with Control Tasks EMNLP2019
2019/9/18 大竹 三田 JP Strategies for Structuring Story Generation ACL2019
2019/9/17 伊藤 佐々木 JP BAM! Born-Again Multi-Task Networks for Natural Language Understanding ACL2019
2019/9/12 栗林 Diana JP Language Modelling Makes Sense: Propagating Representations through WordNet for Full-Coverage Word Sense Disambiguation ACL2019
2019/9/10 阿部 高橋 JP Improving Multi-turn Dialogue Modelling with Utterance ReWriter ACL2019
2019/9/6 横井 JP Don’t Settle for Average, Go for the Max: Fuzzy Sets and Max-Pooled Word Vectors ICLR2019
2019/9/5 Benjamin EN Reconciling modern machine learning and the bias-variance trade-off
2019/9/4 三田 JP Cross-Sentence Grammatical Error Correction ACL2019
2019/9/3 清野 JP Label-Agnostic Sequence Labeling by Copying Nearest Neighbors ACL2019
2019/9/2 代勤 EN DeepPath A Reinforcement Learning Method for Knowledge Graph Reasoning
2019/7/26 JP Correlating neural and symbolic representations of language
2019/6/21 EN/JP Adversarial Decomposition of Text Representation NAACL2019
2019/6/20 Ana EN/JP Right for the Wrong Reasons: Diagnosing Syntactic Heuristics in Natural Language Inference ACL2019
2019/6/19 松田 JP COMET : Commonsense Transformers for Automatic Knowledge Graph Construction. ACL2019
2019/6/18 北山 JP Stacked Cross Attention for Image-Text Matching ECCV2018
2019/6/17 JP ATOMIC: An Atlas of Machine Commonsense for If-Then Reasoning AAAI2019
2019/6/14 高橋 JP Investigating Robustness and Interpretability of Link Prediction via Adversarial Modifications NAACL2019
2019/6/13 ディアナ EN/JP Of words, eyes and brains: Correlating image-based distributional semantic models with neural representations of concepts EMNLP2013
2019/6/12 鈴木J JP Making Asynchronous Stochastic Gradient Descent Work for Transformers
2019/6/11 ケシャヴ 三田 EN Teaching AI to Explain its Decisions Using Embeddings and Multi-Task Learning
2019/6/10 佐藤(志) JP Strong and Simple Baselines for Multimodal Utterance Embeddings
2019/5/31 井之上 JP Unifying Human and Statistical Evaluation for Natural Language Generation NAACL2019
2019/5/30 赤間 JP Improving Neural Conversational Models with Entropy-Based Data Filtering ACL2019
2019/5/29 Paul EN HellaSwag: Can a Machine Really Finish Your Sentence? ACL2019
2019/5/28 今野 横井 JP Gradient-based Inference for Networks with Output Constraints AAAI2019
2019/5/24 大内 JP Entropy as an Indicator of Context Boundaries —An Experiment Using a Web Search Engine- IJCNLP2015
2019/5/23 プライド EN A Generalized Knowledge Hunting Framework for the Winograd Schema Challenge NAACL2018
2019/5/15 大竹 佐々木 JP Plan, Write, and Revise: an Interactive System for Open-Domain Story Generation NAACL2019 (Demo Track)
2019/5/14 伊藤 赤間 JP Submodular Optimization-based Diverse Paraphrasing and its Effectiveness in Data Augmentation NAACL2019
2019/5/13 栗林 Ana JP pair2vec: Compositional Word-Pair Embeddings for Cross-Sentence Inference NAACL2019
2019/5/10 鈴木m JP CEDR: Contextualized Embeddings for Document Ranking SIGIR2019
2019/5/9 藤井 大内 JP Combining Quality Estimation and Automatic Post-editing to Enhance Machine Translation Output AMTA2018
2019/5/8 佐藤(拓) 水本 JP Learning Relation Representations from Word Representations AKBC2019
2019/5/7 佐々木 JP Learning Semantic Representations for Novel Words: Leveraging Both Form and Context AAAI2019
2019/4/26 阿部 清野 JP Evaluating Coherence in Dialogue Systems using Entailment NAACL2019
2019/4/24 田上 ベンヤミン JP What’s in a Name? Reducing Bias in Bios Without Access to Protected Attributes NAACL2019
2019/4/23 横井 JP FRAGE: Frequency-Agnostic Word Representation NeurIPS2018
2019/4/22 ベンヤミン EN Attention is not Explanation
2019/4/19 三田 JP Grammatical Error Correction and Style Transfer via Zero-shot Monolingual Translation NAACL2019
2019/4/18 内藤 JP What makes a good conversation? How controllable attributes affect human judgments
2019/4/17 清野 JP Corpora Generation for Grammatical Error Correction NAACL2019
2019/4/15 JP An Effective Label Noise Model for DNN Text Classification NAACL2019

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