Lab Facilities【研究室環境】

Room / 研究室

All students and staff gather in one room and work every day in a spacious laboratory. On a clear day, you can see the Sendai city from the window.

The seminar room has a wall covered in whiteboards that are often used for meetings.

The lab are free seats, and you can pick your spot to work in. Members sometimes gather around the “kotatsu” (heated table) or the tables and play board games!

You can find some snacks and drinks in the small shop kept by lab members. You can freely use the coffee maker and other appliances.

There is also a distraction-free space to concentrate in.

研究環境 / Environment for Research

We regularly procure books necessary for research, and they are free for anyone to read.

All students are provided a laptop and a back-up disk.

Several high performance computers with GPUs support members’ everyday research activities.

上記に加えて、ABCI などのクラウド高性能計算機を利用することが出来ます。
Besides the above GPU servers, students can use cloud high performance computers such as ABCI for their research.


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