2023 Oct.24
News Release

Release of the Large Language Model “LLM-jp-13B” with 13 Billion Parameters / NII より130億パラメータの大規模言語モデル「LLM-jp-13B」が公開

“LLM-jp-13B”, a large language model with 13 billion parameters, has been released as a result of a project at the LLM Study Group (LLM-jp) hosted by the National Institute of Informatics.

From Tohoku NLP Group, Professor Jun Suzuki and Associate Professor Keisuke Sakaguchi largely contributed to the model training and the training corpus preparation, respectively.

Tohoku NLP グループはこの活動に大きく貢献しており、「LLM-jp-13B」の構築にあたっては鈴木潤教授がモデル構築に、坂口慶祐准教授がコーパス構築に携わりました。

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