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2020 Nov.24
News Release

Selected for CREST funding / CREST 採択

Our team has been accepted to the CREST “Fundamental Technologies for Trustworthy AI” area with the following research topic:

  • AI systems that can provide verbal explanations based on knowledge and reasoning (Principal Investigator: Kentaro Inui)


  • 知識と推論に基づいて言語で説明できるAIシステム(研究代表者:乾健太郎)
2020 Nov.20
News Release

Acceptance to ALTA 2020 / ALTA 2020 採択

The following paper has been accepted to The 18th Annual Workshop of the Australasian Language Technology Association (ALTA 2020).

ALTA 2020 に下記の論文が採択されました。

  • Kotaro Kitayama, Shivashankar Subramanian, Timothy Baldwin.
    “Popularity Prediction of Online Petitions using a Multimodal Deep Regression Model”
2020 Nov.20
News Release

EMNLP2020 Outstanding Reviewer

AIP Postdoctoral Researcher Hiroki Ouchi has been recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer at the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP2020). Congratulations!

AIP特別研究員の大内啓樹さんが EMNLP2020 の Outstanding Reviewers に選ばれました。おめでとうございます!

2020 Nov.10
News Release

Annual Conference Award, Annual Conference Student Incentive Award win at JSAI2020 / 2020年度人工知能学会全国大会(JSAI)全国大会優秀賞・全国大会学生奨励賞受賞

Our two works (Sho Yokoi et al. and Hitomi Yanaka et al.) received the Annual Conference Award, and Reina Akama received the Annual Conference Student Incentive Award at the 34th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI2020) held from June 9th to June 12th. Congratulations!



  • 横井 祥, ⾼橋 諒, ⾚間 怜奈, 鈴⽊ 潤, 乾 健太郎
  • 谷中 瞳,峯島 宏次,戸次 大介,乾 健太郎


  • ⾚間 怜奈

2020 Nov.05
News Release

Educational Assessment + NLP Symposium /「教育アセスメント×言語処理シンポジウム : 自動採点、英文添削、論述評価の可能性」(2020/11/27)開催

The RIKEN AIP Natural Language Understanding Team, led by Prof. Kentaro Inui, will hold a symposium on the interface between educational assessment and Natural Language Processing (NLP). We will introduce our team’s research and development projects, and invite panelists from educational institutions to discuss the possibilities of NLP and educational assessment in an online event. Details can be found in the link below (Japanese only).

乾健太郎教授がリーダーを務める RIKEN AIP 自然言語理解チームでは、「教育アセスメント」と「自然言語処理」の接点をテーマとしたシンポジウムを開催します。当チームで進めている研究開発の紹介や、教育事業者をお招きしたパネル討論を行い、教育アセスメント×言語処理の可能性を参加者の皆さんと一緒に考えるオンラインイベントです。

2020 Nov.05
News Release

Article by Masatoshi Suzuki in the DIARE newsletter / 東北大学 学際高等研究教育院の会報に鈴木正敏 (博士3年) の記事が掲載されました

An article by Masatoshi Suzuki (3rd-year Ph.D. student) has been published in the 46th volume of the Tohoku University Division for Interdisciplinary Advanced Research and Education newsletter.

東北大学 学際高等研究教育院の会報(vol. 46)に鈴木正敏 (博士3年) の記事が掲載されました。

2020 Oct.23
News Release

Selected for JSPS KAKENHI (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research) / 日本学術振興会 科研費(科学研究費助成事業) 採択

Our research has been selected for JSPS KAKENHI with the following research topic:

  • “Development of elemental technology to integrate deep learning and symbolic reasoning and its application to machine reading comprehension” (Principal Investigator: Masashi Yoshikawa)

日本学術振興会 科研費 研究活動スタート支援に採択されました。研究課題は下記の通りです。

  • 深層学習とシンボリックな推論を統合する基礎技術の開発と文章読解システムへの応用(研究代表者:吉川将司)
2020 Oct.19
News Release

Selected for ACT-X funding / ACT-X 採択

Our research has been selected for the ACT-X “Frontier of Mathematics and Information Science” grant with the following research topic:

  • “The association between the shape of the word embedding space and the meaning of words” (Principal Investigator: Sho Yokoi)


  • 言葉が埋め込まれた空間の形と言葉の意味の接続(研究代表者:横井祥)
2020 Oct.09
News Release

Acceptance to LANTERN 2020 / LANTERN 2020 採択

The following paper has been accepted to The Second Workshop Beyond Vision and LANguage: inTEgrating Real-world kNowledge (LANTERN 2020).

LANTERN 2020 に下記の論文が採択されました。

  • Diana Galvan-Sosa, Jun Suzuki, Kyosuke Nishida, Koji Matsuda and Kentaro Inui.
    “Seeing the world through text: Evaluating image descriptions for commonsense reasoning in machine reading comprehension”
2020 Oct.02
News Release

Acceptance to SustaiNLP 2020 / SustaiNLP 2020 採択

The following paper has been accepted to the First Workshop on Simple and Efficient Natural Language Processing (SustaiNLP 2020).

SustaiNLP 2020 に下記の論文が採択されました。

  • Sosuke Kobayashi, Sho Yokoi, Jun Suzuki and Kentaro Inui.
    “Efficient Estimation of Influence of a Training Instance”
2020 Oct.01
News Release

Acceptance to COLING 2020 / COLING 2020 採択

The following papers have been accepted to The 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2020).

COLING 2020 に下記の論文が採択されました。

  • Ryo Fujii, Masato Mita, Kaori Abe, Kazuaki Hanawa, Makoto Morishita, Jun Suzuki and Kentaro Inui
    “PheMT: A Phenomenon-wise Dataset for Machine Translation Robustness on User-Generated Contents”
  • Ryuto Konno, Yuichiroh Matsubayashi, Shun Kiyono, Hiroki Ouchi, Ryo Takahashi and Kentaro Inui
    “An Empirical Study of Contextual Data Augmentation forJapanese Zero Anaphora Resolution”
  • Takaki Otake, Sho Yokoi, Naoya Inoue, Ryo Takahashi, Tatsuki Kuribayashi and Kentaro Inui
    “Modeling Event Salience in Narratives via Barthes’ Cardinal Functions”
  • Takumi Gotou, Ryo Nagata, Masato Mita and Kazuaki Hanawa
    “Taking the Correction Difficulty into Account in Grammatical Error Correction Evaluation”
2020 Oct.01
News Release

Acceptance to AACL-IJCNLP 2020 / AACL-IJCNLP 2020 採択

The following paper has been accepted to the 1st Conference of the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 10th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (AACL-IJCNLP).

AACL-IJCNLP 2020 に下記の論文が採択されました。

  • Shin Kanouchi, Masato Neishi, Yuta Hayashibe, Hiroki Ouchi and Naoaki Okazaki.
    “You May Like This Hotel Because … : Identifying Evidence for Explainable Recommendations”
2020 Oct.01
News Release

Acceptance to WMT20 / WMT20 採択

The following paper has been accepted to the Fifth Conference on
Machine Translation (WMT20)

WMT20 に下記の論文が採択されました。

  • Shun Kiyono, Takumi Ito, Ryuto Konno, Makoto Morishita and Jun Suzuki.
    “Tohoku-AIP-NTT at WMT 2020 News Translation Task”
2020 Sep.30




特に、『東北大学 乾・鈴木研究室への配属を検討しているみなさんへ』はご一読いただければと思います。

2020 Sep.27
News Release

Acceptance to NeurIPS 2020 / NeurIPS 2020 採択

The following paper has been accepted to the thirty-fourth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2020).

NeurIPS 2020 に下記の論文が採択されました。

  • Sho Takase, Sosuke Kobayashi
    “All Word Embeddings from One Embedding”
2020 Sep.25
News Release

Graduation Ceremony / 学位記授与式

Pride Kavumba, congratulations on your graduation. We wish you every success in the future! 

Pride Kavumbaさん(修士2年)、ご修了おめでとうございます。これからの益々のご活躍をお祈り申し上げます。

2020 Sep.24
News Release

15th Symposium of Young Researcher Association for NLP Studies (YANS) / NLP若手の会 (YANS) 第15回シンポジウム

The following works were presented online at the 15th Symposium of YANS on September 23rd.

9月23日にオンラインで開催されたNLP若手の会 (YANS) 第15回シンポジウムにて、下記10件の発表をおこないました。

  • 三田雅人, 谷中瞳
  • 小林悟郎, 栗林樹生, 横井祥, 乾健太郎
  • 佐藤俊, 大内啓樹, 塙一晃, 佐々木翔大, 乾健太郎
  • 宮脇峻平, 清野舜, 松林優一郎, 今野颯人, 乾健太郎
  • 岸波洋介, 赤間怜奈, 佐藤志貴, 鈴木潤, 乾健太郎
  • 神戸隆志, 横井祥, 吉川将司
  • 仲村祐希, 鈴木潤, 高橋諒, 乾健太郎
  • 藤原吏生, 栗林樹生, 乾健太郎
    “日本語言語モデルが選択する文形式の傾向と文脈の影響 ー 主題化・有標語順について”
  • 松本悠太, 藤井諒, 阿部香央莉, 舟山弘晃, 三田雅人
  • 根石将人, 叶内晨, 大内啓樹
2020 Sep.22
News Release



2020 Sep.16
News Release

Acceptance to EMNLP 2020 / EMNLP 2020 採択

The following papers have been accepted to the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP).

EMNLP 2020 に下記の論文が採択されました。

Main Conference

  • Sho Yokoi, Ryo Takahashi, Reina Akama, Jun Suzuki and Kentaro Inui
    “Word Rotator’s Distance”
  • Reina Akama, Sho Yokoi, Jun Suzuki and Kentaro Inui
    “Filtering Noisy Dialogue Corpora by Connectivity and Content Relatedness”
  • Goro Kobayashi, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Sho Yokoi and Kentaro Inui
    “Attention is Not Only a Weight: Analyzing Transformers with Vector Norms”

System Demonstrations

  • Takumi Ito, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Masatoshi Hidaka, Jun Suzuki and Kentaro Inui
    Langsmith: An Interactive Academic Text Revision System”


  • Masato Mita, Shun Kiyono, Masahiro Kaneko, Jun Suzuki and Kentaro Inui
    “A Self-Refinement Strategy for Noise Reduction in Grammatical Error Correction”
2020 Jul.16
News Release

Master thesis final defense / 修士論文本審査会が行われました

2nd year master students Pride Kavumba defended their Master theses (20min presentation, 10min discussion) under the lab members’ watchful eyes. Great work!

研究室メンバーに見守られる中、修士2年のPride Kavumbaさんの修士論文本審査会(発表20分、試問10分)が行われました。おつかれさまでした!

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