2024 Apr.30
News Release

Acceptance to NAACL 2024 SRW / NAACL 2024 SRW 採択

The following papers have been accepted to the NAACL Student Research Workshop (SRW) 2024.

NAACL 2024 SRW に下記の論文が採択されました。

Archival Submission

  • Ryohei Kamei, Daiki Shiono, Reina Akama and Jun Suzuki.
    “Detecting Response Generation Not Requiring Factual Judgment”

Non-Archival Submissions

  • Ryosuke Takahashi, Go Kamoda, Benjamin Heinzerling, Keisuke Sakaguchi and Kentaro Inui.
    “The Curse of Popularity: Popular Entities have Catastrophic Side Effects when Deleting Knowledge from Language Models”
  • Subaru Kimura, Ryota Tanaka, Shumpei Miyawaki, Jun Suzuki and Keisuke Sakaguchi.
    “Empirical Analysis of Large Vision Language Models against Goal Hijacking via Visual Prompt Injection”
  • Daiki Shiono, Shumpei Miyawaki, Ryota Tanaka and Jun Suzuki.
    “Instruction-Following Evaluation for Large Vision-Language Models”

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