2023 May.04
News Release

Acceptance to ACL 2023 / ACL 2023 採択

The following papers have been accepted to the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2023).

ACL 2023 に下記の論文が採択されました。

Main Conference

  • Chandra Bhagavatula, Jena D. Hwang, Doug Downey, Ronan Le Bras, Ximing Lu, Lianhui Qin, Keisuke Sakaguchi, Swabha Swayamdipta, Peter West and Yejin Choi.
    “I2D2: Inductive Knowledge Distillation with NeuroLogic and Self-Imitation”
  • Shabnam Behzad, Keisuke Sakaguchi, Nathan Schneider and Amir Zeldes.
    “ELQA: A Corpus of Metalinguistic Questions and Answers about English”
  • Yuki Arase, Han Bao and Sho Yokoi.
    “Unbalanced Optimal Transport for Unbalanced Word Alignment”


  • Sho Takase, Shun Kiyono, Sosuke Kobayashi and Jun Suzuki.
    “B2T Connection: Serving Stability and Performance in Deep Transformers”
  • Goro Kobayashi, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Sho Yokoi and Kentaro Inui.
    “Transformer Language Models Finally Add Word Frequency Biases”
  • Miyu Oba, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Hiroki Ouchi, Taro Watanabe.
    “Second Languge Acquisition of Neural Language Models”

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